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Tri-State Post Conference; New Beginnings

After taking a few days to relax after the Tri-State 2023 Biennial conference in Atlantic City, New Jersey, I feel it important to share my thoughts with you.

I was truly excited about getting to share the same space with old colleagues, new colleagues, friends, and fellow warriors. The conversations and workshops were engaging, and offered the opportunity to problem solve and form new connections. There was even a movement to develop an “up and coming professional support group”. So look forward to hearing from Briana Alford of SUNY Broome EOP, who volunteered to spearhead this new group. Over 50 conference participants attended the information meeting. This conference marks a new beginning of great things to come! What a wonderful event!

I offer my most sincere thanks and appreciation to Co-Chairs Dr. Jenice Saab-Dumas and Dr. Stephanie Shanklin for their support, commitment, and hard work. I also thank committee chairs: Dr. Andre Turner, Aurora Robinson, Tiffanie Williams, Hema Patel, Simone Mack-Bright, Dr. Joy L. Smith, Dr. Vaughn (Eric) Weaver, Sabrina Magliulo, Nancy Citron, and Dr. Tieka Harris. I extend additional thanks to those who supported our committee chairs, our moderators and those who did whatever they were asked to do in support of our conference. A special thanks to Robert James, Glenn Lang for helping to make the event flow, Tim Penix for informing us of new possibilities on the horizon, and to Doneilous King for volunteering his DJ services. I also know that those behind the scenes were invaluable to the outcome. If I missed anyone, I apologize. Please know that your efforts were recognized and appreciated.

Know that this is not the end, but the beginning of a new page in the Tri- state history book that not only reflects our promise, but our unending power. Let’s put our hands together and embrace each other in support of our students and each other, keeping our eyes on the prize of success!

See you soon!

Phyllis A. H. Breland