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New York

Education is the wealth and resources that make the Empire State great! Many SUNY four-year and community colleges have an EOP program. The majority of CUNY undergraduate colleges have a SEEK (at the senior colleges) or College Discovery (at the community colleges) program.


New York has a long tradition of opportunity and access for students interested in obtaining a college degree. Beginning in 1964, the College Discovery at the City University of New York began the momentum of access to higher education. Over the course of the next six years, New York would launch four programs designed to support low-income students on their quest for higher education across the three sectors of higher ed in New York:

  • City University of New York – Percy Ellis Sutton College Discovery (CD) in 1964. 
  • City University of New York – Percy Ellis Sutton Search for Education, Elevation, and Knowledge (SEEK) in 1965. 
  • State University of New York – Arthur O. Eve Educational Opportunity Program (EOP) in 1967.
  • Private Institutions in New York – Arthur O. Eve Higher Education Opportunity Program (HEOP) in 1969.

Each of these programs are still in existence more than 50 years later and serve as model to other programs across the country promoting the responsibility to educate the youth of our state.

Student Overview

SUNY offers a “Which SUNY are You?” website to help students choose their best program. 

SUNY EOP Student Profile (PDF)