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To insure personal and professional services.

Our work is more than surviving, it is using lessons learned to move forward.

With Our Students at Our Institutions

  • Taking time.
  • Listening with your entire self.
  • Dreaming big.
  • Growth and letting go.
  • Trust.
  • Where we need to be.
  • Understanding how to position your program.
  • The right connections.
  • Know who to know: you and your program.

For Each Other

  • Being creative in your self-design.
  • Saying what you mean.
  • Know your boundaries.

Leadership Musing

Vision and Values

by Glenn Lang – Simply defined a vision statement is a future-oriented declaration of purpose, intentions, or aspirations. A vision statement …
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Mission Statements

by Glenn Lang – Mission statements generally, state an organization’s purpose, why it exists, what its overall goals are, the …
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That Vision/Mission/Core Values Thing

by Glenn Lang – Over my career in government and higher education I have witnessed that staff in their planning …
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Echoing: A Practice of Liberation through Transformative Education

by Monika L. Son – Black people living in the U.S. have had to resource themselves with practices to help …
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