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Leadership Institute

The Leadership Institute is designed to meet the needs of new directors, assistant directors, counseling coordinators, tutoring coordinators, and those in the process of attaining or considering pursuing doctoral degrees. It also would benefit those who wish to strengthen their leadership skills and share strategies with their colleagues. Although participation is not restricted, the targeted population for this institute is faculty and staff from the opportunity programs in New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania.

Conference Resources

If you completed the Leadership Institute you can log-in and review the Leadership Institute Materials.
Cover from Group 4 presentation

Here is a sample presentation from TSC Group 4 in 2019 (PDF).

Engaging & Inspiring Leadership

The Leadership Institute seeks participants through nominations endorsed by:

  • Programs Heads of Each State;
  • Executive Boards of Constituent Organizations in the Three States;
  • Executive Board Members of Tri-State;
  • Individual Members of Opportunity Programs; and
  • Faculty and Staff Members from the Opportunity Programs may also self-nominate.

Engage With Us!

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  • Candidates must complete an application and provide a letter of support from their director, dean, or provost indicating institutional support for their participation. Those continuing from a previous Leadership Institute need only to complete the application.


  • Talent to work cooperatively with all peers in higher education;
  • Understanding of institutional and government academic policies and guidelines;
  • Ability to engage in effective student recruitment;
  • Expertise to conduct comprehensive academic and financial advising, personal, social and career counseling;
  • Proficiency to assess, review and evaluate program effectiveness;
  • Knowledge to maintain a goal oriented and needs responsive program and;
  • Experience to assume an institutional leadership role for program support.

Focus Areas

  • Developing work enhancement strategies; Assessment and Re-Assessment of the impact of work and;
  • Systematically examining definitions of leadership, career goals, skill attainment, and;
  • Being responsive to real or implied demands through a series of discussions, activities and readings.