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The keys to the kingdom include the ability to anticipate and effect positive change.

If you would like to learn more about the Tri-State Consortium of Opportunity    Programs in Higher Education, please complete this form. A member of our Executive Board will contact you at their earliest convenience.

We position our graduates to advance in their careers and we help employers foster diverse and inclusive workplaces..

Advocacy, Trends & News

Counselors in the News: Sharisse Smith on News 12 (Hudson Valley)

An Orange County college counselor is making a difference in the Hudson Valley by helping at-risk students graduate. Sharisse Smith …
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Celebrating Over 50 Years of  the Act 101 Program!

July 2021 marked the 50th anniversary of the Higher Education Equal Opportunity Act of 1971, through which the Pennsylvania General …
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Conference Updates

The TSC regularly coordinates a major conference. The first was titled “Minorities in Higher Education: Public Policy and Futures Planning” and was held in Cherry Hill, NJ, from Nov. 8-10, 1978. The report from that first event is available in this PDF file (PDF).
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Conference Archives

What’s Going On?

The Language We Use

by Glenn Lang, EdD – Words have power! The words and language we use in opportunity programs create powerful images …
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Challenging The Traditional Notion of First-Generation

by Glenn Lang, EdD – For those who are “first-generation” students and/or professionals and who may engage in programs designed …
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