Phyllis A. H. Breland, M.Ed.

Phyllis A. H. Breland, M.Ed. is an 1980 Opportunity Program (HEOP) graduate of Hamilton College, and currently holds a Masters of Education in Instructional Design. Her work experience includes program development, marketing, empowerment/assertiveness training, volunteer recruitment, health education, quality assurance, motivational speaking and policy development. She is currently the Director of Opportunity Programs at Hamilton College, which focuses on providing an opportunity for students whose socioeconomic circumstance has limited access to higher education. She begins her journey with students at the middle school level working on violence prevention, academic preparedness and the art of “dreaming big”. She works closely with junior high schools, high schools, churches, community groups and organizations throughout the State of New York. She is also the President for the New York State Higher Education Opportunity Program Professional Organization, and is affiliated with organizations such as Girls, Inc., Mohawk Valley Junior Frontiers, Boys and Girls Club of Mohawk Valley, Underground Café, Hamilton College Justice Project Initiative, Young Scholars, and works closely with colleges in the upstate New York region.

Areas of expertise: Program Development, Training, Effective Learning Strategies, Strategic Planning and Presentation