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Katelyn Good

Ms. GoodKatelyn Good serves as the Assistant Director of the EOF Program at Salem Community College. She is a fellow EOF alumna and first-generation college student who graduated from Salem Community College in 2017 and Rowan University in 2019 with a Bachelor’s in Biochemistry. 

During her undergraduate career, Ms. Good found her passion to helping college students find their way and went on to obtain her Master’s degree in Higher Education Administration from Drexel University in 2021. In her leadership role at SCC, she also serves as the Co-Chair for the Student Life Committee and is highly involved within the EOFPANJ organization. Katelyn is passionate about student success and is dedicated to making higher education accessible to all, especially to underrepresented populations. 

Ms. Good is currently working towards her Doctorate degree in Higher Education Leadership at Wilmington University and will become the first doctor in her immediate family by 2026! With a commitment to continuous growth and innovation, she is always eager to tackle new challenges and making a positive impact in the higher education field.

Areas of Expertise:  Opportunity Programs, First-generation College Students, STEM