Locked Out of the Future

This resource from Education Reform Now may be of interest to you.

“Locked Out of the Future: How New Jersey’s Higher Education System Serves Students Inequitably and Why it Matters” (PDF) by Konrad Mugglestone and Michael Dannenberg offers a high-level overview of enrollment need and patterns; examines inequities in college preparation, affordability, and completion; and analyzes existing state spending for institutions and programs designed to make college more affordable.

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Monday and Tuesday: Tom Mortenson

Thomas Mortenson focuses on opportunity for postsecondary education.

Thomas G. Mortenson is a Senior Scholar at the Pell Institute for the Study of Opportunity in Higher Education in Washington, D.C. and an independent higher education policy analyst.  Tom’s policy research focuses on the ways public policy fosters or impedes access to that opportunity. He has special concern for populations that are under-represented in higher education: low income/first generation, minorities, and males. His studies have addressed academic and financial preparation for college, access, choice, persistence, attainment, and labor force entry of college graduates. He is particularly interested in public and private finance of higher education opportunity and the enrollment consequences of the cost-shift from state taxpayers to students and their families that has been underway since 1980. He has been employed in policy research and budget analysis roles for the University of Minnesota, Illinois Board of Higher Education, Illinois State Scholarship Commission, and the American College Testing Program.  Currently, Tom researches and writes Postsecondary Education OPPORTUNITY (PEO), a research newsletter devoted to analysis and reporting on the demographics, sociology, history, politics and economics of educational opportunity after high school.

Tuesday: KD Wilson

KD Wilson sitting with folded hands.
KD Wilson is a student success and empowerment speaker.

He will present the topic “Our Future Is Their Present: Reviving The Heartbeat Of Educators To Empower The Leaders Of Tomorrow!” Mr. Wilson is a student success has a diverse background as an educator, leader, and former police officer. His work focuses on the academically underrepresented, marginalized and overlooked populations around the nation. He engages matters of social justice, academic adversity and successful life skills development from multiple angles while emphasizing the necessity of education and equality for all.