Joed Lopez

Mr. LopezJoed Lopez is the founder of, a tech training start-up aimed at helping non-profit and educational organizations modernize their marketing and technology strategies for greater social change. He has assisted several national and international organizations ranging from the Tri-State Consortium of Opportunity Programs in Higher Education, AIDS Resource Foundation for Children, to the Bring Back Our Girls Campaign based in Nigeria.
Prior to this, he served as the Public Relations Officer for the Educational Opportunity Fund Professional Association ( while working at Caldwell University as the Assistant Director of EOF from 2009-2013. From there he joined the National Society of Leadership and Success, the largest Leadership Society in the country, as Regional Director of Program Development, where he established leadership programs that have impacted over 30,000 students on more than 30 campuses across the country.

He has been featured on WABC 7 (NY) and most recently, part of the founding presenters at the first ever Male Education Network (M.E.N.) based out of Montclair State University.
Additionally, he is the host of the Q2 Podcast, a social change podcast exploring the cross section of social justice, marketing, and technology. With over 50,000 downloads in just under one year, the show breaks down what success looks like in social change by interviewing and showcasing real time solutions from practitioners, experts, and thought leaders from across the country. Some previous guests include Andrew Hewitt (Founder, Game Changers 500), Dr. Guy Generals (President of the Community College of Philadelphia, and Lisa Sharon Harper (Writer for the Huffington Post and Chief Church Engagement Officer for Sojourners). You can subscribe to the podcast and learn more about other free resources by visiting
Joed obtained his degree in Sociology from Montclair State University and is a proud EOF Alumnus. He completed his Master’s degree in Business Administration from Caldwell University.

Areas of Expertise: Increasing student engagement through technology, Social Entrepreneurship as a Model for Job Readiness/Placement. Social Media and Email Marketing Best Practices, and Community Mobilization/Advocacy through Technology and Digital Communications.