EOF Program’s Professional Mentor Program at County College of Morris

For the past three years, the EOF program at the County College of Morris (CCM) has been running its Professional Mentor Program. The goal of this program is to connect second and third year EOF students with a professional mentor from our campus and the local community. These mentors are professionals within a variety of industries from education, law, business, and others. They assist our scholars with career-oriented activities in line with their future pursuits. Mentors are matched as closely as possible with the majors and career aspirations of each scholar. They meet monthly throughout the academic year and often continue to meet beyond the program’s time frame.

Each November, EOF hosts a kick-off dinner that is attended by the mentors, mentees, college president, vice presidents, EOF dean, and staff. During this time, mentors and mentees are brought together for a networking meal, which follows a series of ‘Speed Encounters,’ where each scholar can practice their elevator pitch with each mentor. Their final encounter is with their actual mentor. Once connected, they set goals for the year, a meeting schedule, and just on-going contact, as they work together. To thank each mentor for their time and service, the mentees will do a special recognition for them during EOF/CCM’s Annual Awards Dinner at the end of April.

EOF begins recruiting for the mentor program early in the fall. During this time, the program receives applications from potential mentors and mentees. EOF counselor, Edith Nelson, reviews and processes applications. She oversees and runs the Mentor Program. Mentors and mentees are required to complete an orientation that covers information about the program, purpose, expectations, do’s and don’ts, and goals. Once the mentorship is completed, EOF will assess mentors and mentees to determine the success of their experience and for programmatic quality assurance purposes.